Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From the Canadian Wolf Coalition


1. The BC government is finally coming up with a Wolf Management Plan for the province.We want to make sure it’s based on conservation, ethics, and a healthy future for wild wolves, and that shareholders such as ENGO’s, First Nations peoples, agricultural interests and others are all heard and part of the process. Visit our website (www.canadianwolfcoalition.com) to stay informed, and let BC Minister of Forests, Lands and NRO Steve Thomson know that wild wolves and the wilderness they require is a public asset Canadian’s want to see protected.

Call: (250)387-6240

2. Add your name to the petition against the sterilization of wolves in BC at http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-the-sterilization-of-wolves-by-bc-vets. In just 10 years 79 wolves were removed and 52 sterilized as part of an experimental project. Visit ourhomepage or Facebook site to learn more. There are over 1,400 signatures and growing! The BC College of Veterinarians was swamped by e-mails from supporters like YOU and we’ve got their attention…let's keep it!

3. The High Prairie region of Big Lakes Alberta still has a $300 bounty on wolves. If you have not yet written, phoned, or e-mailed the decision-makers responsible, learn how to make your howl heard from our homepage. More than 60 wolves have already been killed and claimed over 7 months.

4. Great Canadian Heliski Company’s proposal to expand into critical caribou habitat after failing to live up to their end of the promise to the Mountain Caribou Projects Recovery Implementation Plan is still being processed. The COMMENT PERIOD HAS BEEN EXTENDED. Let them know you don’t want to see more human scars in habitat recognized for its critical importance to caribou,wolverines, and other sensitive species.

Contact: Sharon.Dailey@gov.bc.ca and AuthorizingAgency.Cranbrook@gov.bc.ca, reference file number4410686. Please cc. canadianwolfco@gmail.com

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