Sunday, June 26, 2011

No Crisis in Hay River Shelter

From Bonnie Dawson, in Hay River.


Having just received a long distance call from the President of the HR SPCA who is currently out of town, I found comfort in learning that there is NO CRISIS situation with the shelter in Hay River.

I wish to apologize to all of those who have contacted me so far and do greatly appreciate that you were so quick to respond.

The information which I had been provided in the email request I received yesterday from the Hay River By Law Officer asking for my assistance,( as well as follow up telephone conversations), to utilize my own network of contacts was unfortunately as it turned out to be .... inaccurate....leading me to believe and to Post an Urgent Request for help...believing that the shelter was full to capacity and that no additional animals could be taken in.

I have learned in speaking with the President of the HR SPCA that at present there are actually three (3) dogs currently in foster care and two cats which need to be placed. .... a great relief to me.

Again I sincerely and publicly extend an apology for issuing an unnecessary ALERT and a deep and honest thank you to all of you who have responded so quickly.

Should anyone wish to inquire about the current three (3) dogs and two cats looking for loving forever homes, please contact Kerry at the HR SPCA.

Hay River SPCA at: 867-874-3667 : likely having to leave a message or email:

To view HRSPCA Page:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

NWT Animals in Need of Homes!

We just received this appeal today - relayed by Bonnie Dawson from Hay River. Please feel free to circulate.

If you have any questions, Bonnie can be reached through her website


Hello everyone

Today I received an email from the Hay River By-Law Officer requesting my help in getting both dogs and cats that have been at the Town shelter too long relocated out of the NWT to shelters elsewhere where they would stand a better chance of finding forever homes. There is no room left to take in any more animals if found as strays, abandoned or injured.

I have requested more information, i.e. # of cats and # of dogs involved, as well as pictures if possible. (I just spoke to him and he should have the exact #'s to me likely by the weekend).

I do not want to see any of these animals having to be put down.

If anyone is able to help, by accepting any of these animals, please contact me ASAP.

To quote the By-Law Officer "We are looking for places that will not charge the Town any monies and will hopefully cover all, or at least some of the shipping charges to send the dogs and cats to them and also pay the shipping charges to return the crates back to us."

I am sure that arrangements on the above quoted may be discussed further.

This is an URGENT request.

Please circulate this widely. Remember the NT does not have shelters as does other provinces, we have only 3 small shelters where volunteers care for the animals; and only one veterinary hospital located in Yellowknife. We have no resident vets to perform humane euthansia if it comes down to that...hopefully it won't.

Thanks Everyone

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From the Canadian Wolf Coalition


1. The BC government is finally coming up with a Wolf Management Plan for the province.We want to make sure it’s based on conservation, ethics, and a healthy future for wild wolves, and that shareholders such as ENGO’s, First Nations peoples, agricultural interests and others are all heard and part of the process. Visit our website ( to stay informed, and let BC Minister of Forests, Lands and NRO Steve Thomson know that wild wolves and the wilderness they require is a public asset Canadian’s want to see protected.

Call: (250)387-6240

2. Add your name to the petition against the sterilization of wolves in BC at In just 10 years 79 wolves were removed and 52 sterilized as part of an experimental project. Visit ourhomepage or Facebook site to learn more. There are over 1,400 signatures and growing! The BC College of Veterinarians was swamped by e-mails from supporters like YOU and we’ve got their attention…let's keep it!

3. The High Prairie region of Big Lakes Alberta still has a $300 bounty on wolves. If you have not yet written, phoned, or e-mailed the decision-makers responsible, learn how to make your howl heard from our homepage. More than 60 wolves have already been killed and claimed over 7 months.

4. Great Canadian Heliski Company’s proposal to expand into critical caribou habitat after failing to live up to their end of the promise to the Mountain Caribou Projects Recovery Implementation Plan is still being processed. The COMMENT PERIOD HAS BEEN EXTENDED. Let them know you don’t want to see more human scars in habitat recognized for its critical importance to caribou,wolverines, and other sensitive species.

Contact: and, reference file number4410686. Please cc.