Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UVic bunnies in danger again!

The Responsible Animal Care Society (TRACS) needs our help.

The Battle of the UVic bunnies is not over.

After volunteers successfully rescued the majority of the abandoned pets (Nearly 900 rabbits!!) to sanctuaries, the University of Victoria in BC recently announced plans to kill any abandoned pet rabbits that they find on the campus after March 1st. Volunteers, under the TRACS umbrella, have delivered hundreds of rabbits to the Wild Rose Rescue Ranch in Texas. All spays and neuters are being paid for by FurBearer Defenders!!

In order to save the rabbits and move them to their new home sanctuary, a government wildlife permit is required. TRACS's Wildlife Permit to move the rabbits expires on March 31st. They have asked for it to be extended, as the University says the killing of rabbits will resume March 1st.

Prior to government approval of the permit, the university killed over 100 innocent bunnies in May of 2010. By signing this petition, you are showing your support for the continuation of the rabbit rescue, and sending a message to UVic and the local municipal governments that killing abandoned pets and their offspring is unacceptable and inhumane. By signing the petition, you also support the municipalities changing their bylaws to stop the sale of unsterilized rabbits and to strengthen and enforce the penalties for dumping unwanted rabbits.

You can further help the UVic bunnies, by visiting the AAEVPC web site and making a tax deductible donation to help with transportation costs, and ongoing care and feeding costs of these adorable innocent creatures.

On behalf of the bunnies, thank you!

Visit http://www.tracs-bc.ca/uvicbun.html for more information.

Lia and the AAEVPC crew

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Year

Well, the year is starting off to be a busy one. We are sad to report that there are issues all across the country, and we are working on as many of them as possible. We will soon be uploading to our website a new Report to Members on the campaign work done in 2010.

Liz met with another person today who is interested in running as a candidate for the animals. She did this in between phone interviews from media interested in an elk issue in the Bancroft / North Hastings area in Ontario and the ongoing coyote issue in Ottawa.

Meanwhile, Morris (one of our wonderful volunteers) and I plugged away at the daily mail and getting receipts for our monthly donors ready to send out.

It's going to be a full house tomorrow with a number of other volunteers in to help with receipts. Thank you to all who make this important work speaking out for the animals possible.

Lia and the AAEVPC crew