Thursday, October 28, 2010

Great News for the Seals!

The European General Court has dismissed the application by the sealing lobby to suspend the prohibition of seal product trading pending the outcome of a court case.

This, hopefully, spells the beginning of the end of the commercial seal hunt in Canada, with the Federal government finally taking responsibility for a dying industry. Citizens on the East Coast deserve a better solution than putting their lives at risk to make a pittance by killing animals.

For more information, click on the link below to read the Humane Society International media release.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wolf Awareness Week

A message from the Canadian Wolf Coalition (which we support):

WOLF AWARENESS WEEK is October 17 - 23.

For another year, the BC government will CONTINUE to sterilize and kill wolves as part of a pilot project for mountain caribou recovery, as the Environment Minister CONSIDERS shooting wolves from helicopters. Please take a moment to learn about the issues and become involved. Then spread the awareness.

On October 23rd - One Day Only - add YOUR voice to the growing opposition of predator control in BC through Earthroots' fax centre at

Before the date please visit and show your support for increased protection of threatened Eastern wolves.

Two new bounty programs have been initiated in Alberta's High Prarie region for livestock purposes. Contact the town councilors of Big Lakes and Clear Hills municipal districts to let council members know that education about preventative practices would be better for livestock producers, taxpayers and wildlife over the long term. Address concerns to the executive secretary and Reeves of each county.

For more information, visit