Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Election Results

Animal rights candidate happy she pushed for change

Kim Zarzour May 02, 2011 - 9:20 PM

Not expecting move to 24 Sussex, Liz White still pleased she challenged environment minister on issuesLiz White doesn’t need to wait until the results come in tonight to know she didn’t win, but she’s fine with that.“I don’t think I’ll be moving to 24 Sussex Dr. or anything exciting like that,” said the Thornhill candidate for the Animal Alliance Environment Voters party, while she prepared for her election night party.She planned to celebrate Monday night at a downtown hotel with six of the seven candidates her fringe party fielded this election because she’s happy her group was able to raise the issues no one else wanted to discuss.

Ms White, who lives in Toronto, chose to run in Thornhill to take on Conservative candidate, and Minister of the Environment, Peter Kent.

“I honestly don’t think they’ll vote for me, but I hope they don’t vote for Kent.

“We invest huge amounts of money fighting all the stuff he does,” she says, pointing to activities like the recent cormorant cull at Point Pelee.

While she doesn’t expect to put a big dent in Mr. Kent’s campaign, she says she would definitely run against the environment minister again.

“Change doesn’t come from the mainstream,” she says. “Those who campaigned for the women vote were looked upon as extremists, crazy, fringe, all the things i get called. But change comes from people at the edges.”



A big thank you to everyone who supports the ideals upon which the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party are founded. More and more people are acknowleding that things must change for animals and the enironment, as evidenced by Elizabeth May's historical win.

Official results from the Elections Canada website are as follows:

Marie Crawford (Toronto - Danforth) - 476 votes
Bonnie Dawson (Western Arctic) - 87 votes
Karen Levenson (Guelph) - 123 votes
Simon Luisi (Davenport) - 128 votes
Yvonne Mackie (Newmarket - Aurora) - 182 votes
Anna Maria Valastro (London North Centre) - 236 votes
Liz White (Thornhill) - 219 votes

The cormorant cull on Middle Island (Point Pelee National Park) contines over the next two weeks. Liz has been back and forth between Toronto and Middle Island where she has been observing the slaughter by Parks staff. In spite of the obvious disturbance to the other nesting bird populations (Great Blue Herons in particular), Environment Canada has determined that there has been no violation under the Migratory Birds Convention Act or Regulations. Very disappointing, although not surprising.

Lia and the AAEVPC crew

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  1. Our sincere thanks for having the courage and compassion to run in the 2011 election and previous elections. I believe our numbers are growing and always remember that rainstorms are made up entirely of tiny water drops. Let us be the gente rain that changes, and saves, the planet!
    diana karrandjas, Etobicoke