Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yesterday's Thornhill Debate

Well, I think Liz's chances of being sent to Ottawa are slim to none (statistically speaking), but she, nonetheless, wooed the crowd at the Thornhill Community Centre last night.

A number of young vegetarians approached her after the debate to say how glad they were that she spoke about animals. And she has received a number of complimentary e-mails today. One person said he wouldn't be voting for her but that her answers made the most sense and thanked her for running. None of our literature was left behind, disgarded by the crowd, so we take that as a good sign!

Liz had the opportunity to speak about Parks Canada, which is under the purview of Peter Kent's Environment Ministry. She said:

I have a very warm spot in my heart for Peter Kent - the man. When I first was a candidate and I canvassed Peter Kent on my street, he invited me into his home and we taked about his interest and compassion for animals. I found him a warm and caring person.

That's why I have so much trouble with Peter Kent - the Conservative - a person who supports dirty oil, the sale of asbestos and the slaughter of wildlife in our national parks, all across the country.

From the Peaceful Parks Coalition:

Parks Canada has a history of killing wildlife they perceive has having no value:

Sable Island – 100,000 grey seals in the first year, 30,000 grey seals in subsequent years (proposed). Horses and gulls under consideration.

Gros Morne and Terra Nova National Parks – moose
Cape Breton National Park – coyotes
Point Pelee National Park, Sidney Island, St Lawrence Island – white-tailed deer
Elk Island – bison and elk
Banff National Park – elk
Gwaii Haanas and Kejimkujik – raccoons
Middle Island, Point Pelee National Park- double-crested cormorants

Canada’s national parks fall under federal jurisdiction. In this federal election, please consider the state of national parks when casting your ballot. Currently, the only issues being highlighted is taxes – money- because the front runners believe that is all we care about.

Please raise environmental and animal welfare issues when your local candidate comes knocking.

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