Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Guelph by-law approved!!!

Wow, it's been a long time since we've posted an update...it's been unbelieveable busy and time has just flown by.

We've been occupied with preparing receipts for our monthly donors; approximately 800 receipts have to be entered then checked and double-checked before being mailed out. Liz is busily writing personal "thank you" notes, something which is time-consuming but necessary nonetheless. It's nice for all of us to sit around our big work table and chat while getting this mailing out the door. It doesn't happen often that we work like that so we're enjoying it.

We're still waiting for our audits to be approved by Elections Canada. So far they have approved our General Election Campaign submissions for Simon, Karen, and Liz. We're still waiting for approval for Marie's campaign and for Karen's by-election campaign. And we're gearing up for our annual party audit, which should take place in March or April.

The trapping by-law that went before Guelph council on December 22nd was unanimously approved. Guelph is the first city in Canada to have approved a by-law that will ban trapping within city limits! Thanks to Liz and Karen humans and non-humans alike are much safer in Guelph.

And more good news: the kittens, Coco (see pic below) and Cleo, were adopted! Yay!

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