Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In a Nutshell...

We had an officer's meeting last night and here are a few points that were discussed:

1) Liz reported on trapping. For those who don't know, we became involved in Guelph in 2005 on a trapping issue when a dog was killed in a trap. After several consultations, a by-law in Guelph is going before the committee on December 3rd and before council on the 22nd. Hopefully there will be little to no opposition, so we’ll be able to use this as a model for other municipalities.

2) Karen reported that Gail Shea, the new Fisheries Minister, is not going to change anything about the seal hunt. The European Union has a partial ban but are trying to get a full ban. The Canadian Seafood Boycott campaign continues.

3) We are considering a party name change. Any and all suggestions are still welcome.

4) And we're pretty much done with all our audits.

There seems to be great interest in the Party, a major step in the right direction for non-human animals. Politicians in the U.S. are vocal about animal issues, so it is our job to force these same issues onto the Canadian political radar. The voiceless are depending on us, and we must not let them down.

Btw, that's Coco, the newest addition to our foster family here at the office. I thought I would end on a positive note = )

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