Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Important Action Alert from the CHDC on Horse Traceability

Today, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) released a significant report on Canada’s horse traceability program, Pro-Slaughter Group Attempts to Cash In on Horse Traceability Program While Canada Falters on its Deadline.

This paper addresses the outcome of Equine Canada’s CanEQUID traceability program and its apparent demise.  Also, it addresses the desire of Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC), the paradoxical pro-slaughter “horse welfare” group, to implement their solution for an equine traceability program.

HWAC has recently put out a Call to Action where founder Bill desBarres describes their Equine Traceability Canada program and asks Canadian horse organizations and stakeholders:  “Do you and your constituents support HWAC, as a non-partisan national organization, to facilitate Canadian equine identification and traceability (the ETC project) through proven, internationally accepted and secure technology?” Recipients are to respond by October 3, 2012 since “decisions must be made and action taken”.

The CHDC has answered today with this response:  “The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition does not recognize HWAC as a non-partisan national organization since it has a vested interest in maintaining and growing Canada's horse slaughter industry.  We also do not support HWAC in its attempts to facilitate a Canadian equine traceability project through ETC, Animal ID Solutions, or any other means.”

After reading our report and understanding the implications of supporting this program, we are asking CHDC supporters and all concerned people to respond to HWAC’s question, by responding to info@horsewelfare.ca, if not by October 3rd, then at your earliest convenience.

We also ask you to notify Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) at info@agr.gc.ca.

Thank you, and we’d like to hear from supporters and see the responses they receive.

For the horses,
Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

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