Friday, April 13, 2012

Talk to your AB candidates!

Here's an excellent op ed in the Edmonton Journal, by Michael Bloomfield, provincial caribou specialist in Alberta and regional wildlife biologist for westcentral Alberta (from 1978 to 1983):

We must save caribou from our deadly greed
Get-rich-quick resource policy has put herds in deep peril

"In January 2012, federal Environment Minister Peter Kent delivered another blow to caribou survival, deciding not to recommend emergency protection for critical habitat for threatened caribou herds in Alberta.

If those trusted to defend the environment abdicate their responsibilities, it's in our hands. Either we make it clear to our political and business leaders that we want a more environmentally sustainable approach to development with ample room for caribou and other endangered species, or accept that we are partners in this deadly greed.

You can start by asking candidates in the current election campaign to pledge themselves to action now before the caribou disappear."

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