Thursday, July 30, 2009

Great News for Seals!

Thank goodness the European Union (EU) has more smarts and guts than their Canadian counterparts. For years, Canadians have demanded the commercial seal hunt end and for years we've been ignored. Not only has the EU listened to European constituents, but they've also dismissed Canada's efforts to make the commercial hunt appear humane. On July 27th, the EU voted in favour of banning the import of seal products.

Now the Canadian goverment wants to waste more tax dollars and more time appealing the EU vote to the World Trade Organization. I think they will find that the EU has dotted their 'i's and crossed their 't's. But in an effort to look good for their East Coast supporters, EVERY politician (save for the Honourable Senator Mac Harb) will continue to defend the hunt, in spite of economic analyses indicating that it would actually SAVE the government money simply to buy out the sealers' licences. But no, the government continues to ask its coastal citizens to risk their lives in dangerous weather conditions so they earn a few bucks.

It's time the goverment provide people with a real solution to East Coast unemployment.

It's time the goverment realize that times (and values) have changed.

It's time the goverment start listening to the majority of Canadians and end, once and for all, the Canadian Commercial Seal Hunt.

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