Friday, September 26, 2008

Vote for Compassion!

Yes, we are, in fact, North America's only animal protection political party. And this time around we have four candidates running!

Before the general election was called, our colleague in Guelph, Karen Levenson, was running in the local by-election. At the debates she pressured the other candidates to take a position on the seal hunt, a controversial subject no one would have touched had it not been for Karen's presence and persistence. Even though it was cut short, Karen's first time as a candidate was a success in our books. She gave the animals a voice -- job well done, Karen!

Now we have Liz running in Toronto Centre and Karen in Guelph again, Marie Crawford in Toronto-Danforth, and Simon Luisi in Davenport. Simon, a long-time supporter and activist, is the first male candidate to represent the animals in Canada. This is an exciting time, and for those in the ridings in which we are running, we hope we can count on your vote and your voice for the animals.We must force politicians to address and improve the lives of animals. From our antiquated anti-cruelty laws to farm animal transport times to the largest marine mammal slaughter in the world, we must make these issues a focus during the election campaigning. So speak up! Politicians will not draft better animal protection laws voluntarily -- it is OUR job to make sure they do. We must frame the debate with OUR values -- respect, non-violence and compassion. Speak up! Ask the candidates in your riding what they are doing to make this world a better place for future generations. At this rate, they will be left with dead oceans, unbreathable air and barren land. Speak up! And help the compassionate revolution happen.

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